1. Appraisal Aspects Includes:
    • Health examination of the freshmen & consultation of old students.
    • Treatment and dispensing of medicines.
    • Prescribing follow-up medicine & issuance-up medical certificate.
    • Computerized Eye Examination (semi-annually) with the help of a private optometrist.
    • Cleanliness inspection of school surroundings.
  2. Preventive Aspects Includes:
    • Control of communicable diseases through voluntary vaccination. Illnesses like- Chickenpox, Influenza, 甲型肝炎 & B, Typhoid and MMR vaccine.
    • First aid treatment of minor injuries and mild illness which can be treated in the clinic e.g. 扭伤, cough, colds, muscle pain, diarrhea, sore eyes, epigastric pain, hyperacidity and dysmenorrhea.
    • Emergency treatment in case of serious illness and injuries, patients are transported to an affiliate 医院. (MANILA DOCTOR’S HOSPITAL). After medical evaluation has been done at the clinic.
    • Water supply examination and treatment are done by DOH.
  3. 治疗方面:
    • Referral of patient to other 医院s for further evaluation and management
    • Follow-up of referred emergency patient at the MANILA DOCTOR’S HOSPITAL
    • 牙科服务
  4. Supplementary 服务:
    • Seminars are conducted for students relevant to health awareness.
    • Physical examination & issuance of medical certificate for Scholars sponsored by the DOST & 研究生院, OJT, Sports Activities and applicants for Student Assistantship.


  1. Patient Treatment
    • Oral hygiene instructions
    • 规定 & dispenses medicines to control pain & 出血.
  2. Curative 服务
    • Treat and restores decayed tooth (as temporary filling only).
    • Tooth extraction (with parent & guardian consent).